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Casino games are due for entertainment, but sometimes it is possible for an annoying player or dealer to ruin the game as well as the others’ enjoyment. We have listed ten things you should refrain from when playing blackjack so as not to disrupt the good atmosphere at the table, not only for your own sake but also for the sake of the rest. Number 10, which corresponds to the least bad habit, is the first on the list which ends with the number 1, e.g. the worst thing a player can do.

10. Never touch the chips once the cards have been dealt.

Despite your good intentions– if you realize that your chips have formed a stack that is ready to collapse, for example -, such a move will seem weird and annoying. Everyone will assume that you are cheating, either by adding chips -in case your cards are good- or by removing them in the opposite case.

9. Do not forget to use hand signals and gestures.

The casinos are usually noisy and loud, and the dealer may be unable to listen to what you are saying. Apart from the dealer, there are surveillance cameras which monitor the blackjack games and can prove helpful whenever there are doubts. If you wish to ask for another card, use your fingers. Otherwise, wave your hand over the top, palm down, in a negative way to signal the dealer not to give you another card. If you wish to ‘split’ bets, place the new stack of chips beside the original bet.    Blackjack History

8. Avoid insurance bets

This is a bad move although it is not directly linked to your behavior as a player. So, just add this to the blackjack(21) rules: avoid insurance bets offered by the dealer when he deals an ace.

7. Do not advise the others on their game

Few things –namely six- are worse than that. However good a player you might be and despite the rest around the table being inexperienced, restrict yourself and do not show them how to play in case you are not asked for this. You delay the game, distract the player who is trying to decide and annoy the rest of the players who assume you are a ‘smart aleck’.

6. Do not drink while playing

Ordering drinks during the game is not a good idea, but even worse is getting drunk and continue playing. Drunken players are bad players, indeed, since they forget the game strategy and play at a slower pace, thus slowing up the whole game; they also chat with the rest of the players. A drunken player is able to affect the mood of each and every player at a blackjack table in a negative fashion.

5. Do not touch the cards

The majority of casinos do not allow players to touch the cards. Do not try to bring them closer to you or arrange them to look neater. In general, do not touch them because the other players and the people responsible for the casino will assume that you are cheating.

4. Do not forget the basic strategy

If you are unaware of the fundamental game rules, find information on the Internet or purchase a book and study them. By being familiar with those rules you can decrease the casino odds by one percent. But being acquainted with the basic strategy can be beneficial not only for you but also for the other players sitting around the blackjack table, given that nobody would like playing with an unaware player. Basic Strategy 21.

3. Do not blame other players

How many times has the player immediately before you hit a card that you were longing for? There is no need to blame him for ruining your hand, even if he did not abide by the basic strategy and he should not have requested another card. The truth is that the other players do not affect your chances of winning; in the same way that the previous player pulled a card that would fit you, he could also have pulled another card that would be undesirable, thus savoring you. Holding the other players responsible for your bad cards is the best way for harming the good atmosphere at the table.

2. Do not attack other players

Even worse than blaming other players is shouting and using offensive language (vituperating). It might seem unbelievable but it happens all the time in every casino. Some players lose self-control and start behaving in a rude manner towards the other players at the table. Do not think how the other players’ attitude influences your own luck, because it does not.

Focus on enjoying yourselves.

1.Always pay attention to the dealer

A dealer’s job is to ensure that every player is enjoying the game and is complying with the rules. So, you must take care of him. If you notice that he pauses after your decision, make yourself think this might be one way for him to tell you that it would be wiser to reconsider your choice. This is not because he knows what the next card will be, but because he is familiar with the basic strategy. Consequently, if you pay attention to him and interpret his behavior, you should bring the basic strategy to your mind and see if you made the right decision. The dealers could be helpful in case of a hard decision, and if you pay attention to him and encourage him to take part in the conversation with the other players, the game will turn out to be even more enjoyable. And remember tipping him when luck smiles at you.

Of course, when it comes to online casinos, all the above rules are not of great importance…

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