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Anyone who has ever gambled at a brick & mortar casino locally or in bigger cities like Las Vegas or Atlantic City has had to seen the massive signs hanging over certain slot games or video poker games announcing huge progressive jackpots just waiting to be won. The same can be said for online casinos which boast some of the biggest progressive jackpots worldwide with gamblers across the globe betting their way to becoming millionaires or at the very least very rich people! But in the online gambling world there are more than just progressive jackpots waiting to be won and this article will detail each of the three most popular types of casino jackpots which are progressive, random and coin. But before we discuss each of these types of jackpots there are a couple of differences between online casino jackpots and land based casino jackpots with the biggest difference being how you get paid for the exciting win.

When you win a jackpot at a land based casino you walk away from the game with a check or cash in hand [depending on how much you won]. With an online casino jackpot win this type of payout is not possible so there are steps that have to be taken receive your winnings. First thing you will need to do is fill out some paper work that the casino will email you and then you fax it back to them with some proof of ID. Then depending on how much you won you will most likely receive your winnings in installments because there is no possible way to send huge amounts of money through bank transfers or any other money transfer options. Also some smaller casino have a maximum weekly payment amount one person can receive which can end up taking a long time to receive large sums of cash. So there are drawbacks to winning any type of progressive jackpots when gambling online but if the price is right, it’s well worth the wait.

Types of online casino jackpots

Progressive – These jackpots are numerous at most online casinos with some offering over twenty progressive games. Slots hold the most progressives, but video poker and a couple of table games also have huge progressive jackpots, so there is something for every type of gambler at an online casino. These progressive jackpots are connected across the globe to each type of software, so all Microgaming casinos progressives are one jackpot as well as all Real Time Gaming Casinos, etc. Slot progressives range from a fixed bet game which is usually set at $1 with a two or three coin progressive bet. There are also smaller coin progressives but they all need to be won by betting maximum coin bets.

Random Jackpots – These jackpots are exclusive to Real Time Gaming Casinos. Fantastic slot games that are multi-payline bonus round games that can be played for as low as a penny per line and go as high as $5 per line bet. The best feature about these random progressive jackpots are you don’t have to have a winning spin to trigger the jackpot! Any spin can win and that makes each and every spin exciting and possibly very lucrative!

Coin Jackpots – Almost all slot games including your classic 3 reel one payline slots have coin jackpots which is usually won by having the main symbol in the game land on a winning payline in one spin. You can win a coin jackpot by betting just one coin or by betting up to the maximum coin bet, it doesn’t matter the only difference is how much you win is worth because the coin size in which you are wagering is the multiplier of the coin jackpot.

These are the main online casino jackpots and each have their own features and winning prizes that will vary by casino and casino software.
Good luck and Happy Gaming!

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