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How to Play the Game of Roulette online or offline

One of the easiest games to play at any casino is the Roulette wheel once you get a handle on the table layout and how the wheel and table work together. The size of the wheel and length of the table can seem over whelming to someone who has never played the game, but it truly is very easy to understand and play and after you read this article I am sure I will be seeing you at the big red and black wheel!

We will walk through step by step describing the Roulette table and wheel and then explain some basic wagers that will get you involved with the game and enjoying all the excitement that the Roulette wheel can offer. Put on your thinking caps and follow me!

Roulette table layout
Very simple to understand and utilize with a unique pattern of numbers and colors in which you bet. The table is rectangular shaped with 3 vertical columns and 12 horizontal rows which contain all 36 numbers which are colored red and black in no special order. Let’s split up the different main characters of the table by betting styles.
Red or Black – All the numbers on a Roulette table are colored either red or black in no special order and the numbers and colors that are laid out on the table will correspond with the Roulette wheel.
Numbers on the table – All Roulette tables and wheels have numbers from 1 – 36 and include a separate spot for a 0 [European Version] and 00 [American Version]. These numbers are split in half with the lower numbers on the top half of the Roulette table 1 – 18 and the lower half of the table showing the higher numbers of 19 – 36. Each of these numbers is colored red or black.
Outside & Inside bets – The Roulette table is divide by two distinct sections for betting, the outside bets which includes all the odd/even bets, red/black bets and high/low bets also sections bets which will be described later. The Inside bets on the table are the 3 rows on the table showing the numbers.

Starting your game play
First step in playing Roulette is making your deposit at the casino, once you have your betting money set you need to pick which game of Roulette you wish to play the American Version which has 0 and 00 [giving the casino a little edge over the player for winning odds] or the European Version which only has one “0” and better odds for the player. Next you need to find out what table limits you are playing on. Whether you playing online or at a land based casino always make sure to play at a table that has the limits you can afford or are willing to play with. There are a couple of differences between betting at land based casinos and online casinos one of them is the chips you play with. When betting online you play with chips that are located in the right hand corner of your screen which usually vary from the minimum allowed chip up to the maximum allowed chip, so if your table has a $1 minimum and a $500 maximum you will find those chips with a few others in-between. At a land based casino when you buy chips from the “dealer” you will be given chips of a certain color, and every other player will be given chips of a different color also all the denominations will be all that one color for you. So if you are playing at a table with 5 other players, each of you will have your own chips of a different color so when all bets are placed the dealer can keep track of which player bet what.

Also, a very important item that needs to be addressed is the betting rules. The “inside” bets [the number bets] can be played differently than the “outside” bets [hi/low, red/black, odd/even and sets]. If the table minimum is $5 and you wish to make a couple of bets on the “outside” areas of the Roulette table, then each bet has to begin with at least $5. So three bets would cost you $15. The “inside” bets are cheaper and easier on the wallet; you can make 5 bets of $1 each to total the $5 minimum bet! So always remember this when your betting with low funds, the inside bets can make your money last longer or can spread it out easier and cheaply.

The Roulette Wheel

The wheel has two sections, one bigger wheel which contains all the numbers and colors of which you bet on, the smaller inner wheel is where the “white ball” is placed and spun in the opposite direction of which the outer wheel is spinning. When the wheels are stopping the while ball will land in one of the spots on the big wheel and the dealer will call the winning number and color.

The last subject I will cover here are some of the most common bets that you can get yourself acquainted with.
* Segment Bets – called dozen bets because you can cover a 12 number block at one time. There are three dozen bets which are 1 – 12, 13 – 24 and 25 – 36.
* 1 – 18 even and black bets
* 19 – 36 odd and red bets
* All even bets
* All odd bets
* All Black bets
* All Red bets
* All the high number
* All the low numbers
* Single number bets
* Any 4 adjacent numbers

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