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Making the most of your slot play

Playing slot machines online is always a “true” gamble but there are always options that you can chose to give yourself better odds at enjoying your gambling time and improving your chances of beating the “one arm bandits”! Now, remember always that there is not system or secret to winning at the slot machines, each and every adventure to take to those little spinning gems will be different and unpredictable but a smart gambler will make sure to check the odds and ends of each slot machine they choose to play to ensure they are maximizing their chance of success. This article is my “Golden Rules” to slot machine enjoyment and control. You may think of some other golden rules of your own which you can add to mine to add to your gambling entertainment!

Golden Rules of Slot Play

Bet what you can afford – If you have a cash flow of $100 you need to gamble like you have $100 not $1000! This means choosing the slot machines that suit your bank roll. I would not play a $5, $10 or higher slot machine with only $100 on me, I could be broke and done with my gambling adventure in three blinks of my eyes. The smart gambler will choose to play on the smaller coin value machines like the dollar or quarter machines and then if you win and build up your bank roll, that’s when I run over to those high roller machines and try my luck!

Check the coin value of your slot machine – One huge mistake I have made in the past is picking a slot machine because it looks great or has a progressive jackpot and deposit my money and start spinning those reels hoping to win just to find out 5 or 10 spins later that I thought I was betting a quarter and were really betting a dollar! I went through half of my bank roll before I realized my mistake and that was not a good time. So always make sure to look at the coin value of your slot machine and adjust it to the amount you wish to bet before spinning those reels.

Progressive slot play – If you are going to make the decision to play a progressive slot machine then you must bet maximum bet otherwise its senseless to play a progressive. If you are not betting maximum coin bet and you hit the progressive jackpot, you will not win the grand prize which could be millions, and only end up winning a few hundred instead! If you do not have the cash flow to afford playing maximum coin bet then save that machine for another day, or later in the day after you have won some cash.

There is no system to winning – Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking that a slot machine is due to hit, or spinning a certain way will trigger a winning spin or any other ridiculous idea like that. The slot machine already knows what symbols are going to come up next the minute you hit the spin button because of the random number generator that runs the machine. Nothing you do will change that fact, betting more coins, betting few coins, waiting in between spins, kissing the machine, none of these things will help but they may make you feel better? Lol.

Besides these tips my best advice to all online slot players is to sit back, relax and enjoy your gambling time. Never gamble with “scared money” [money you need] and always remember it’s either your lucky day or not. Nothing you do will change that on the slot games and they are meant to be enjoyed and to have fun with not to stress over or make you angry. Always get what you can afford and gamble bigger off any winnings you make, that way you are gambling with won money and not your own! Happy Gaming!

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