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Have you ever visited a casino either online or land based and were excited by the “Big Wheel” of the Roulette game but were afraid to give it a spin because of your lack of knowledge of the game? If so then this article is for you, the novice player, the gambler who wants to enjoy the fantastic game of red or black, odd or even and all the numbers in-between. Roulette is one of the most exciting table games found at a casino and everyone should be confident enough to step up and place a bet and with the information found in this article hopefully you to will become a fan of the Big Wheel and all its gaming enjoyment.

The first thing I would like to stress about Roulette is the simplicity of the game. Roulette game is one of the easiest casino table games to play and understand because it has no long list of rules or instructions to play by. Making choices is your main goal in Roulette, choosing whether to bet on a color, a number or a combination of both are your basic game rules and understanding this information is enough to get you into the game! The Big Wheel is made up of numbers starting at 0 [00 in American Version which we will take about later] and reaching up to number 36. These numbers are spread out amongst each other on the Roulette table and wheel with colors of red and black as there backgrounds. The focal point of the game is the wheel and the white ball on the wheel. Once bets are places the dealer will spin the Roulette wheel with the ball inside it and the end result will be where the ball lands, what color and what number. The winners will be those players who placed bets on the number or color on which the ball landed that simple!

Two Versions of Roulette

There are two versions of Roulette available to play at online and land based casinos, one is the American version which has 37 numbers because it has not only the “0” spot but also has a second spot with “00”. This was added to the American version back many years ago when casinos were losing to the players and needed to make the game more casino friendly. The European version still to this day has only the “0” spot and only 36 numbers making it more player friendly and giving the gambler better odds at winning. So the smart choice to pick when playing Roulette is a European version of the game which is available online and at land based casinos.

The Bets

Red/Black bets – Simple and easy, chose a color and place a bet. Do you believe the ball is going to land on a red number or a black number? Your odds of winning are 50/50 and is a good bet for any new player.

Odd/Even – Choose whether you think the ball will land on an odd number or even number? Besides the red/black bet, this is one of the easiest bets to make and your odds are once again 50/50

Number Bets – Choose one number, two, and three or more it’s up to you. Pick your favorite numbers or go with a hunch but all you have to do is place your bet on the number[s] you want and wait to see where the little white ball lands!

Inside Bets vs. Out Side Bets

This info is for the gambler who understands the basics of Roulette and wishes to add to their knowledge of the game to make their gaming experience more exciting and expanded. There are two main types of bets each with their own group of betting types. The “Inside Bets” are all bets that are placed on the numbers on the table. Some of these bets have names and labels including:
The split bet which is choosing two numbers that are side by side on the Roulette wheel and placing a chip on the “line” that separates them, this way both numbers are covered by your bet
The straight bet – Betting on one number
The sixline bet – placing a bet on a group of 6 numbers that are all adjacent to each other
The corner bet – Pick 4 numbers that are intersected and placing a chips in the middle of them
The street bet – Pick a row of numbers and bet on all of them
Then we have the “Outside” bets which are all bets made outside of the number area on the table which include:
Red/Black bets – Choose whether the color red or black will win
Odd/Even bets – Pick a number by its odd or even status and place the bet if you chose odd then any odd number will be a winner for you, same with even
High /Low bets – Bet on the low [numbers from 0-18] or the high numbers [19 -36] one bet covers all of either bet.

These are all your basic rules and know how’s to the game of Roulette and with this information you should be confident enough to step up to the big wheel and place your bet like a pro! Good luck and happy gaming!

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