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In order to fully enjoy the game of Roulette you really need to know and understand the rules of the game. This article will show you the basic rules of Roulette on how to play and how the bets work. First thing you need to know is how a session works; a session is each individual spin of the Roulette wheel after all bets have been placed. In-between sessions you have a few minutes to decide on your bet for the next spin. At a land based casino these sessions breaks can last longer depending on how many players are wagering, but at online Roulette games there is no waiting period between sessions because you are betting alone unless you enjoying a “live Roulette” game.

The Chips – When betting at an online Roulette game you use chips. Each chip has its own worth starting at the table minimum and going up in denominations to the table maximum. When you decide on your next bet you would place the chip which represents the wager amount that you wish to place on the appropriate spot on the Roulette table. You may make numerous bets of the same amount or of various amounts as long as they are at or above the table minimum. When placing bets on the “inside” table spots you can split the table minimum amount among different bets, so say the table minimum is $5, you can make 5 – $1 bets. But on the “outside” table spots you need to make a $5 bet for each and every bet you pick. Those are important rules to know.

Inside Bets on Roulette:

What are inside bets? These bets are made up of the numbers or combination of numbers or within the middle section of the Roulette table where the number grid is located or on the borders of the grid. All bets made on the inside need to total at least the minimum bet required for that table.

Straight bet – Traditional bet on Roulette, it is a one number bet from any of the 37 numbers available to bet on [your odds are 35/1]

Split bet – Betting on two numbers that next to each other on the table layout with on chip. Place your chip between the two numbers to make this bet

Corner Bet
– Place a chip on 4 adjoining numbers. If any of those numbers come up you win!

Street bet – There are 12 rows on the Roulette table containing three numbers each. To place a street bet you are betting on one entire row. You do this by placing a chip on the edge of the row you wish to bet on. Odds are 11/1

Outside bets on Roulette
What are the outside bets? The outside perimeter of the Roulette table has some of the easiest and best bets available to place. Each bet must be at least the table minimum without splitting them, each and every bet must meet required minimum.

Red or Black bets – There is a spot on the outside of the table which is labeled “Red” and “Black” place your chip on which color you believe will be the winning color, that easy! This is considered an even money bet, you win what you bet.

Lo/High bet – Bet on the low numbers [1-18] or the high numbers [19-36]. Look for the area on the table that shows all the low and high numbers together. This is even money bet also.

Odd/Even – Located on the outside area of the table is the “Even” and “Odd” spots. Place a chip on which you think will win. Simple and easy!

Columns – At the end of the number table you will find some boxes labeled “2-1”, these are the column bets and each box is assigned a certain range of numbers which you can see by following up from the boxes. If you wish to bet on a group of numbers pick the 2-1 box below is and your odds pay you 2 to 1.

Dozens – There are 3 groups of Dozens in the game of Roulette, these are sets of 12 numbers starting with
Dozen #1 – 1 THRU 12
Dozen #2 – 13 thru 24
Dozen #3 – 25 thru 36
To place one of these bets look on the outside of the table area for the spots that are labeled 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12. These bets pay 2 to 1.

These are the main rules and bet descriptions and should help you get on your way to playing and winning at the big wheel! Happy Gaming

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