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Let’s start this conversation first by saying; there is absolutely no guarantee in any casino game. Always go into a game whether it’s Roulette, slots, blackjack or craps with the knowledge that if it’s your lucky day you leave a winner, if it’s not you only lost what you could afford and enjoyed your time at your favorite casino. That is one of the most important strategies I can advice any gambler on and if followed you will always enjoy your gaming entertainment and look forward to your next try! Now with that said there are some simple strategies that you as a gambler can achieve with smart wagering and control skills that can give you a little edge which will hopefully bring some winning results! Listed below are some of my best words of advice and Roulette strategies to be used as you wished.

Now, let’s make it clear: There is no Roulette System that you can use to win the casino. If there was one, everyone would be using it to make guaranteed money and the casinos would have banned the system. All the systems that you can find on the web do nothing more than changing your game, so that you can enjoy some small wins, but at some point you will suffer a big loss that will be bigger than all your small wins together. However, there are some strategies you can follow to extend your entertainment and enjoy the game more:

First Strategic rule – Always be sure to know the game and the table on which you are about to play. At most online casinos you will find two different versions of Roulette, the American version and the European version. The smart gambler will always choose the European version to place their bets because it is more player friendly than the American version because there is only one “0” on the wheel. The American version has the “0” and a “00” which gives the house a little edge up on odds. Only a fool would choose the American version which was created for the main purpose of giving the casino the house edge.

Second Strategic rule – Know your table limits. Each Roulette game has different wagering limits be sure to play at a table that suits our bankroll. If you’re playing with a budgeted amount of money and wish to make the most of it, the smart move is to play on a table fits our budget and starts with lower limits and gives you the choice to raise your bets if you begin to win and can play with “won” money.

Third Strategic rule – Never assume that a number or color is “due” to come up. For this theory to work the “ball” which does the number and color picking by landing randomly on them when the wheel stops, would have to have a memory. For a number to be due because it has not appeared in a certain number of spins is foolish because a ball cannot keep track or remember what numbers it has landed on already, so with this reasoning there cannot be any pattern to where it lands next. Say the color red comes up 15 times in a row, and a player decides black is “due “to come up and starts wagering higher on black because it’s got to come up soon is totally wrong because with no memory of past colors hit the odds are exactly the same for the red or black color, 50/50! It does not matter what solver which numbers or colors come up or how they come up, each spin is fresh and new and like starting from scratch.

Fourth Strategic rule – Relax, stop thinking there is a system or strategy to a sure fire way to win on any gambling game. Have a good time, bet what you can afford and if you get lucky take the money that you originally bought with you, put it away and continue gambling with your winnings, that way if you lose it back you have lost nothing and had a nice time out doing what you enjoy doing, gambling!

Happy Gaming

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